Advices for booking an escort.

  To hire an escort from this page please read the following:

The escorts that you see published on this page are the ones that are currently available for service, but remember that they all work “on the go” and can be occupied at any time.

    We RECOMMEND: If you want to schedule an appointment at a specific time and place you can do it through a small deposit. Making a reservation I can assure you that the escort you want does not occupy and come to your appointment on time. We recommend you book at least with 1 day in advance.

If you already know with whom you want your service and want to book, do it on the following button and follow the instructions: go to booking page

If you have NOT booked, but you are already installed in the hotel and want the service with one of the escorts AT THIS MOMENT, then you must to call us to know which one is available at the moment, you must indicate the full address or the hotel and room to confirm that you’re really there

In the profiles of each escort are the general details of each one. Prices, times, days, zones, etc.

Any of the escorts can go to any area of ​​the London for the same cost, but if you want a service in the United Kingdom or another area far from the escort location, you have to cover the taxi fares.


We suggest these tips you should know to hire or treat a girl:

Important: Remember that if the escort or agency does not answer the phone to the first, you should never think that you do not want to answer or that is “unprofessional” what happens is that we also have a life of our own and sometimes it is impossible to respond or give reports Openly since we can be with some family, or in the public transport, etc.

    NOTE: Sometimes the phone gets saturated with calls from inquirers who do not want the service and only call to try to “Call” or “Make friendship” or simply ask what they already know, there are also people who only call and say nothing,

1. DO NOT SCOLD: The price the girls are asking for is the net price, it is not a swag for bargaining, and their work is worth the same as yours. Remember that hiring a girl is a LUXURY, NOT A NEED.

2. DO NOT harass. Never ask the girls for they phone number.

3. Do not ask naked pictures of the girls: The only one pictures you will get are the ones published on their profiles.

4- If you do not have to make a cell phone call, better not try to hire them.

5. If the girl do not provide anal, DO NOT insist: Most do it for an extra cost, but if she plainly tells you that she never does, do not insist if she does not want to.

6.  Remember that you have to install and then call to confirm room and everything

7. Always wear condoms: it is your safety and also them.

8. Be hygienic, very very hygienic: Try to bathe always in the hotel, to soothe yourself very well, to perfume you, to brush your teeth, to have your nails trimmed, if you have long hair always have it clean, if you like shaving you down there have it well shaved. They will thank you very much.

9. Do not be a jerk: The fact that you are paying for a service does not give you any right to treat them badly, to insult them, to downgrade them or simply to stop being a gentleman. First of all it is a job, it is a very dignified service, and remember that you have a mother, sister, aunt, friend, etc., and how you treat them all. First of all, be a gentleman, be attentive, polite and respectful. That speaks well of you everywhere (they say money does not educate you, but it shows that you have it).

   And here are some extra points that can help you.
• If you are going to ask for her underwear, have the courtesy to bring her some new panties. Some of them are doing this, but that don’t means to walk without panties in the streets.
• If you can give a “tips” you will be rewarded: It is not necessary but sometimes something “for the taxi” or things like that speak very well of you and the next you hire that girl, will work with much more pleasure and will attend you very all right.
• If you want to take a photo or video, always propose it before and negotiate what can be done, most of them want it just for theirselves, but you never know, they can not trust you. Most have another life and their father doesn’t know what they do. Keep that in mind, so as not to invade their privacy and remember not to do what you do not want them to do to you.